Former Anglican Scholar: Why For Francis Repentance Is So Difficult

The Holy Spirit is not promised to the Successors of St Peter to propagate new doctrines but to hand on the Deposit of the Faith, which they have received from the Apostles, Father John Hunwicke explains on LiturgicalNotes.blogspot.com (June 24).

However, Francis doesn't consider himself the Successors of St Peter. Hunwicke refers to the June 23 general audience where Francis expressed again his Ultramontanist understanding of the papacy, suggesting that those who disagree with his questionable private doctrines are like those who disagreed with Christ.

For Francis, the baddies are those who adhere "rigidly" to - what he calls - "the Old" and will not hear "the New.” Hunwicke says that this is “not only arrogant" but "blasphemous” since Francis is not Christ nor a new lawgiver who was sent to supersede Moses and Christ.

Francis is so aggressive when he attacks his critics that Hunwicke suspects that, deep down he knows he is wrong.

Therefore, repentance - which Hunwicke proposes as a solution - is unreal as he himself admits, "The reason why Pride is such a disastrous sin is that it makes metanoia [repentance] so terribly difficult.”