Amoris Tristitia Church: Boris Johnson "Marries" THIRD Time - In Catholic Cathedral

UK Prime and war criminal Minister Boris Johnson, 56, “married” his "Catholic" concubine Carrie Symonds, 33, in an unannounced wedding ceremony in Catholic Westminster Cathedral's Lady Chapel on May 29.

Downing Street falls within the cathedral's parish. According to English Covid rules, not more than 30 guests, including their son Wilfred, 1, born out of wedlock, close friends and family, were present.

The cathedral was emptied of visitors shortly after 1.30pm. Thirty minutes later, a limousine carrying Symonds drove into the piazza in front of the building. The ceremony lasted for half an hour. Police were everywhere.

The couple were married by Father Daniel Humphreys, an assistant priest at the Cathedral, who had baptised Wilfred in the same Lady Chapel last year.

This was Johnson's third “marriage.” He divorced from his second wife Marina Wheeler with whom he has four children, only in 2020. Johnson has children with three women, but not with his first wife. He renounced his mother’s Catholicism when he was confirmed in the Anglican faith whilst at the exclusive Eton College (1977-82).

In order to marry in a Catholic church, Johnson could have had his two previous marriages annulled. Alternatively, some speculated that these marriages may have been invalid because Johnson was baptised Catholic and never applied for a dispensation to marry in a non-Catholic setting.

Since canon law is used by popes and bishops not in the spirit of grace and faith but to promote injustice and apostasy, almost any trick may have been good enough to make the law fit the crime.

Picture: Boris Johnson, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsYxtgqgzkty

Here they are
Mark Drew: "But he left the Catholic Church when he was confirmed in the CofE at Eaton. So the rule about necessary permission should not apply to him as a non Catholic. As a Catholic priest, I think that this stinks."
AB Cordileone on Twitter: "There is a great difference between struggling to live according to the teaching of the Church and rejecting those teachings."