Confirmed: Francis Plans Destruction Of Roman Rite Communities

Francis is preparing visitations of the three largest Old Rite Communities - Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, the Institute of Christ the King, and the Institute of the Good Shepherd - to take place in February 2022, learned from different sources than

The visitations are already being prepared and will be headed by extremist Archbishop José Rodríguez Carballo, the secretary of the Congregation for Religious Institutes.

Carballo was involved in serious financial scandals (loss: €50million) when he was the Minister-General of the Franciscans. His position is so compromised that he resides inside the Vatican, even though the Secretaries of the Congregation usually live outside.

One senior Vatican source told “The goal is the destruction of the Ecclesia Dei communities and of the contemplative orders.”

The general superior of the Fraternity of Saint Peter, Father Andrzej Komorowski, said that up to December 3, “no one from Rome has contacted us” and that he has not received any information.

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsGbdvxbewda

Jan Joseph
Daar gaan deze drie gemeenschappen en hun gelovigen natuurlijk niet in. Het schisma dat sinds 16 juli 2021, toen paus Franciscus de Tridentijnse Heilige Mis verbood, wordt nu geformaliseerd. Gelukkig, eindelijk vrij van het Vaticaan en paus Franciscus.
It's isn't confirmed, but given TC, its plausible.
Is this going to the end of daily sacrifice and abomination that caused desolation? If yes, then we must flee to the mountain (going underground?)
Flee? Uh-uh. I refer you to the great Christian orator Leonard Dillon's famous speech of defiance, arguably the greatest one ever given in the English language.
" am astonished and appalled that no one has made a move to remove this well fed cretin." -said the guy who's all talk. @Angelo Santelli
Angelo Santelli…pe-to-attack-ecclesia-dei-communities-in-february/

I am astonished and appalled that no one has made a move to remove this well fed cretin. What are the faithful going to say to the Divine Judge when they are asked "Why did you allow my Church to become so filth ridden?" Each will have to answer for their allowance of Bergoglio's unfettered desruction.
May the Blessed Mother, Bane of Demons, shield and protect her priestly sons, and shelter them under the safety of her holy Mantle. And may the Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen and guide our beloved Holy Father and keep him ever in the pathway of God’s wisdom and will, as he leads Holy Mother Church and reigns over the Faithful during these very challenging times.
I'd like to know how a visitation to the FSSP is confirmed when the FSSP leadership hasn't been contacted yet.
Francis has like a cage of these thieving faggots.
That language ain't cool on a Catholic site, man.
Martine Bernadette Giambertone