Princess Gloria: Francis' Traditionis Custodes Punishes The Good Catholics

The German Princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis was "very disappointed" about Francis’ Traditionis custodes but she is deluding herself with the "bad advisors" theory (LifeSiteNews.com, November 23).

For her, TC is like at school where those who do their homework are punished. She compares the Novus Ordo with fast food, consumed standing, and the Roman Mass with a nice dinner at a table set with a white cloth and beautiful cutlery.

Gloria believes that Francis growing up in Argentina has a lot of prejudices against both, Roman Rite Catholics and the rich. However, Argentina was a rich country during Bergoglio's youth, and he never experienced "poverty" neither at home nor, much less, with the Jesuits.

Gloria's consolation is that the real Faith has always suffered persecution and that Christ’s message is not compatible with politics. For her, the medieval dispute between the pope and the emperor is continuing, only that "today we live in a time where the pope thinks that he can appease the emperor," but this "is an illusion.”


Jan Joseph
De Traditionis Custodes werkt totaal averechts, de kerken waar de Tridentijnse Heilige Mis wordt opgedragen lopen vol en kunnen het werk niet meer aan. Terwijl de andere Rooms Katholieke kerken helemaal leeglopen en uitsterven.
Louis IX
Popes are always responsible for documents they sign.
For the sake of argument stipulate that the Princess' comment that Bergolio signed TC due to "...bad advisors..." Ok........ But ! then that makes Bergolio mentally unfit. The thrust of the document is clear