Excellent Documentary On The Priesthood

Wales-based SaintAnt.com published June 15 an English documentary on the priesthood featuring priests like Father John Saward and Father Lawrence Lew OP, both friends of the Roman Rite.

“I am what I do and I do what I am,” Father Hugh Allan, O.Praem., says in the documentary, “I am my life as a priest.” He added that priesthood is not a 9 to 5 job, “It is your whole being.”

The excellent Shrewsbury Bishop Mark Davies, 63, says that every priest hears the question “why did you want to become a priest?” which is difficult to answer, “A priest has been called from all eternity, with his limitations and weaknesses, to share in the ministerial priesthood of Christ himself.”

The film is available for purchase on Vimeo.com or on DVD. Bishop Athanasius Schneider highly recommends it.


Hic est enim Calix Sánguinis Mei, novi et ætérni testaménti: Mystérium Fídei: qui pro vobis et pro multis effundétur in remissiónem peccatórum.
For this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the new and eternal testament: the Mystery of Faith: which shall be shed for you and for many unto the remission of sins.
Hæc quotiescúmque fecéritis, in mei memóriam faciétis.
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