As requested by a few, this is the transcript of the 13-part presentation "Fatima and the Apocalypse" found on www.veritascaritas.com
Thanks. I was hoping to read it also
Live Mike
Live Mike
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Thank you very much for this link and download. I have nothing better to do with my life than to hear and understand what God is trying to tell us through His Mother and His Saints. I especially appreciate Her continuing to warn us through Her various messengers.
Hermit in the Middle of The City
@CatholicDoors Since you blocked me several months ago for disagreeing with your thinking, which in itself shows an unwillingness to learn, this is the only way I have to let you know that you can download a pdf of this by selecting "more" right under the post window and then select "download".
Thank you very much. I just did that. Now I can read it and print it out when I need to. God bless you.
Jeffrey Ade
Also, a thank you! I am glad the other person blocked you or I may never have known that!! Deus vult!
Hermit in the Middle of The City
You're most welcome! I'm glad I could help!!