Bishop Wants "to Get Rid of This Fascist"

Belo Horizonte Auxiliary Bishop Vicente de Paula Ferreira, 50, wrote on Twitter.com (June 14) that he asked God to “show us a way to get rid of this Brazilian fascist.”

The charitable prelate was talking about the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, asking God to give “courage to face the tyrant who is killing our people,” concluding his prayer with the invocation, "Deliver us, Lord, from the misrule of death.”

When it suits them - for instance in the case of Abortion President Biden - the Bolshevik clergy is quickly at hand with the line that "the Church should stay out of politics." If Bolsonaro had the support of the oligarchs, the cowardly Ferreira would never have attacked him.

Ferreira is a known insulter of Bolsonaro. In March he said that "barbarism is the goal of our misgovernment", he advocated Bolsonaro's impeachment, detracting him as "the greatest ally of Covid-19," and lamenting "this genocidal capitalist system."

Ferreira can also do otherwise. In May, he told Oglobo.Globo.com that we must work to build the Kingdom of God, which is "based on fraternity" [sic!] and that we must therefore "dialogue" [sic!] with people "who don't even believe in Jesus, but who fight for common causes."


The Bazilian bishops seem to be quite a crew of fags and heretics.
Pope Pius IX ascended the throne of St Peter this day in1846. He's a great antidote to the heresies of our days