Vienna: Cardinal and Canons Voted For the Girls' "Naked Dance"

A neon tube ladder, presented as the "Ladder of Heaven", is on display on the southern tower of Vienna's St Stephen's Cathedral since Easter.

Between Easter and May, this will be the latest gimmick of Vienna archdiocese, Austria. The tower ladder has a counterpart in a side chapel inside the cathedral, so that the illusion is created that the ladder penetrates into the inside and, as it were, pierces the church vault.

On the occasion of the ladder's installation (March 31), a performance (entitled: "The 33 Virtues") took place in the cathedral. Several girls danced in body-tight, skin-coloured suits feigning nudity in front of the large embarrassing purple pyjama that draped the altar of St Stephen's Cathedral during Lent.

The neon ladder and the pseudo-nude dance met with the unanimous approval of Vienna's Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and the entire cathedral chapter, according to the Novus Ordo motto: the crazier the better.


“Purify the house of the Lord the God of your fathers, and take away all filth out of the sanctuary” (2 Para 29:5)
"33 Degrees of the Venerable Rite of My Father" (Christoph Maurersohn Schoenborn)
Fr Dan
More beautiful fruit of vatican ii
Vienna... Austria. This is moar of the German coalition's "Synodal Path" in day-to-day practice.
Evil pervert schonborn.
Louis IX
Against the majestic beauty of Gothic architecture the absurdity that is modern art is on full display. Hint to the boobs who came up with this idea, the spire is pointing to Heaven as a sign of what the building contains, literally the means of salvation ministered by the Church.
poor souls