Letter to a vaccinated.

"Letter to a vaccinated"- Miles Christi - 09/12/2021.

Dear “vaccinated”: If you allow me, I will tell you a couple of things, in the hope that they may be of some use to you. For this to be the case, I recommend that you open your mind, that you get rid of the prejudices that the mass media of disinformation have instilled in you and accept to question what your beliefs have been until today, in relation to the "crisis sanitary ”.

This is an automatic translation. Read the original in spanish here: Carta a un vacunado.

For a year and a half they have made you believe everything they wanted to be able to keep you scared, isolated, fragile, manipulated and controlled. However, this would not have been possible without your consent. Because you haven't bothered to do your own research, consulting alternative sources of information. And because you have not wanted to listen to those of us who, since the beginning of the "pandemic", have been warning night and day about the fallacious official narrative. Because you have not investigated, reflected, tied up the dots, analyzed, used your critical spirit. Because you have not been wise or prudent.

Deep down, no matter how bad it is, you have not been reasonable in your judgments or behaved rationally. You have not respected yourself. You have acted against your spiritual nature and your dignity as a free person, created in the image and likeness of God. You have been motivated by emotional blackmail, intellectual manipulation, administrative extortion, labor coercion, financial pressure and unacceptable totalitarian indoctrination, which should have elicited absolute rejection in you. A categorical non possum before the despicable harassment of the jackals.

I do not judge or condemn you, your attitude is something that can be understood: we are all influenced, to a greater or lesser extent. And the context has been extremely adverse, with massive mental confusion and pervasive institutionalized lying, in a society adrift, left to itself by its religious leaders, who, instead of clarifying it, have shamefully aligned themselves with the rhetoric. criminal of the masters of the world. You have extenuating circumstances. However, you must understand that those listed are not legitimate reasons to make decisions that put your physical, mental and spiritual integrity at risk.

You have been irresponsible in allowing your freedom and fundamental rights to be subjugated. Worse still, you have mortgaged those of your family and, above all, those of your children. And this because a gang of billionaire psychopaths has decided so, for you and for all humanity. Total, here we are. In a dead end. With people getting used to the intolerable. Giving credit to the government, which ensures that its main objective is to "take care of us." What a story. "Taking care" of the interests of the laboratories and the World Cup organizations, that is the only thing they have in mind. I'm telling you just in case you still haven't noticed.

The reality is that eighteen months have already passed, but you still believe them. You continue to take what they tell you on TV as a holy word, dogma of faith, unquestionable truth. Lightly dismissing, if not disdainfully and arrogantly, the warning pitchers as "conspirators." And, unfortunately, you continue to be masked, confined, distanced, "virtualized."

I verify that you do not give freedom to your inquisitive spirit, to your deep instinct, to your thirst for knowledge, which, without a doubt, more than once, must have sent you warning signals, whispering in your ear that there is something here that “does not closes ”, something that“ makes noise ”, disproportionate, abnormal, excessively publicized, strangely obsessive, suspiciously coercive, excessively prolonged, in time and space.

Despite which, unfortunately, not even in a dream would you stop "vaccinating" if your "caregivers" demanded it. Of course, who would think to distrust the experimental injection advocated by eugenicist "philanthropists" who only seek to "save" us from the "virus". It would not be missing more.

But, worst of all, is that you make your children mask themselves, distance themselves, isolate themselves, become "virtualized", allow them to steal their childhood, to disable them emotionally, socially and cognitively, with all the tremendous consequences that this unspeakable abuse carries them physically and psychically.

As things are, I hope at least that you still have a trace of common sense and humanity to refuse to "vaccinate" them. If you didn't, if you would irresponsibly and guiltily consent to being injected with the gene poison of these fake vaccines and true biological weapons, let me tell you something that, by the way, is not very pleasant to say - and certainly even less so. to listen-, but which I consider necessary, since, perhaps, it will allow you to come out of your lethargy, emerge from your drowsiness, shake off your apathy and rid yourself of your pathological passivity and your pathetic indifference.

Pay close attention to what I am going to tell you: if you do not refuse to have your children “vaccinated”, you should know that you are not only credulous, but you are also an accomplice of the criminal and genocidal policy of Bill Gates, the WHO and the World Economic Forum. And if, to make matters worse -God forbid-, you are not capable of understanding what I am trying to explain to you either, then, unfortunately, I see myself in conscientious duty to inform you that, in addition to being credulous and an accomplice, you are , of his own free will, an incurable idiot. And may God help you ...

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