Commissioner Denies Lies of Oligarchs’ Media

The lies spread by the oligarchs’ media against the Heralds of the Gospel have become so bad that the law firm Sarubbi Cysneiros, the Legal Advisor of the Pontifical Commissariat under Cardinal Damasceno, had to publish a June 1 clarification.

They stress that there is “no civil or ecclesiastical sentence” against the Heralds in Spain. None of their members has been accused of anything.

ElDiario.es (May 24) spread the lie that the Heralds “have ignored Vatican measures” and have committed “abuses.” LaVanguardia.es (May 6) lied that the Heralds operate “behind Francis’ back.”

Sarubbi Cysneiros clarifies that the Heralds and Cardinal Damasceno operate "in harmony” and that the Heralds are “not under investigation.”

Damasceno also expressed his repudiation after criminals smashed an image of Our Lady at the Heralds farm in Sevilla la Nueva. Such crimes are incited by the hate propaganda of the oligarchs’ media.

Picture: © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsPujgxyiqlu