Francis Has Already Contradicted Desiderio Desideravi

After cancelling a July 2-5 trip to Congo, Francis presided a July 3 Eucharist in St Peter’s using the "Zairean rite" which was made up in 1969 and "allowed" by the Congregation for Liturgy in 1988.

Francis arrived at and left the basilica in a wheelchair. He was dressed in liturgical vestments. The president of the event, which saw much singing, dancing, swaying and cheering, was Archbishop Paul Gallagher.

Even before the words of institution, the co-presenting priests, who were placed in the first rows of the area for the faithful, were each holding a bowl of hosts. During the words of institution, they raised them in the air. In a Catholic liturgy, the hosts are consecrated on a corporal on the altar.

This event has shown that the Eucharist of Paul VI is not the “unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite” as claimed by Francis less than a week ago in Desiderio desideravi. Francis is known for saying everything and the opposite of everything. Therefore all of Francis' statements must be taken with a pinch of salt.


Wilma Lopez
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Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
He was still in his wheelchair, so his infirmity is not much better. He sat slumped in his chair, and looked at times like he was comatose. Didn't look well at all. Once or twice I thought he was asleep.
Seidenspinner shares this
Francis' 2nd Zaire Form Mass in St Peter's (ululating and all) was his first public Eucharist since Desiderio desideravi
This Pope's participation in the Zairean 1969 rite, makes me wonder if his Motu Proprio and latest Letter concerning the liturgy is just a ruse to scare the bishops and faithful away from the Usus Antiquior but in actuality has no weight or canonical legality to suppress it.
Meanwhile, the ancient Roman rite is virtually forbidden...
Kunst und die schönen Dinge
This is the true doctrine of the Mass and must be maintained despite Francis.