Homosex Pseudo-Marriage Performed In Argentine Church

Salesian Father Fabián Colman attempted on February 6 in Nuestra Señora de la Merced parish, Argentina, to perform a “marriage” for two men, one of them dressed like a woman, reported.

The man who was dressed like a woman and who calls himself "Victoria" Castro, 46, claimed that Father Colman wanted "to evaluate people's capacity to love” and that the priest had consulted with Río Gallegos Diocese.

Río Gallegos Bishop Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva replied that he didn't authorise the homosex performance. He insisted that the diocese accompanies all people “in their legitimate desire to receive God's blessing” and that in this case no sacrament was involved. Garcia said that the priest in question was "properly warned,” whatever this means.


So how can we be certain that isn't a woman? ;-)
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