Francis Christmas in France: Not Even a Stable

Roman Rite Catholics in Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines, France, celebrated Christmas outside the closed doors of an inn a church.

Very small boys served at the altar. The Francis Church didn't even offer them a stable. For more than 15 years, they had hoped to be given a church for Sundays and feast days. There are two churches in town which are both unused on Sunday mornings: the Franciscan church and a hospital chapel.

Their dream came true in June. Bishop Lucien Crepy, 63, of Versailles, who had only been installed in April, allowed the faithful to use the hospital chapel. Weeks later, after the merciless Traditionis custodes, Crepy made them again refugees. Since October, about hundred Catholics attend Mass outside the church. Pictures of them, gathered in wind and rain, made rounds on the internet.

In a Christmas press release, they called themselves “happy to have offered the cold of the night and the discomfort of the sidewalk, little annoyances, to unite themselves more intimately with the gentle Saviour of mankind.” Followers of the Novus Ordo would not have resisted under similar conditions.


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Forcing TLM into this situation isn’t going to have the effect that those suppressing seem to imagine it will.
History repeats itself
Louis IX
Now you have a template Chicago.
"hundred Catholics attend Mass outside the church." -because a Catholic bishop won't let Catholics attend Mass inside. Welcome to France. I hope Bishop Crepy spends those 30 pieces of silver from Francis well, while he's able to in this life. I don't envy him the explaining he'll have to do afterwards.
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Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
God bless these faithful CAtholics in France. And God damn Francis for having to make decent, faithful and good Catholics live and worship this way. This is outrageous. Pure evil to make people suffer like this, to persecute them like this!! May Pope Francis pass on and go to his reward soon.
John A Cassani
God bless them. Getting kicked out of the churches is the start. The next step will be priests being removed from active ministry, and losing their faculties to celebrate the Sacraments in public. This will be accompanied by losing their salaries. In case anyone doubts it, these men have a lot to lose by holding Rome to its honor.