Again! Does Anyone Wonder Why Churches Are Burning All Over the West?

In the morning hours of July 28, a devastating fire destroyed St Simon Church, the third-oldest Catholic church in Glasgow.

More than thirty firefighters were mobilised. Since Second World War, the church was used by Polish soldiers and immigrants. For its 150th anniversary, it was totally renovated between 2005 and 2008. After the fire, it has been left barely standing.

The fire occurred two days after a man wielding a glass bottle attacked a priest who was praying at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Scotland’s Health Minister Humza Yousaf, the first non-white and Muslim member of the Scottish Cabinet who belongs to the Scottish National Party, spoke on about “a devastating couple of days for Catholics in Scotland.”

The church was built by Irish Father Daniel Gallagher who taught David Livingstone (+1873) Latin, thus enabling him to escape from the dye works at his birthplace and to become a physician, Protestant missionary and famous explorer in Africa.


Roberto 55
This is not surprising when moslems rule them.
atreverse pensar
And their secularist friends.
God will not be mocked.
Considering our current state of affairs in the Church, a chastisement from God is what we may be witnessing.
Yeah, why?!!!!! Are they arsonist?
Our Catholic churches are being destroyed everywhere, we should raise our voice and protect the churches.
The New Knights Templar
So sad.
Heart-breaking images from Glasgow.
Windmill Lane
I pray the Scottish-Poles will rebuild it.

Fun fact: Did you know the Scottish dispora includes 200,000 Catholic Scots to Poland fleeing draconian Protestant measures persecuting them? Settled around Tarnow, Krakow. Now totally absorbed into the Polish culture.