Italy: Covid-19 Has Been Around Much Longer Than Thought

A study by the National Cancer Institute in Milan under Giovanni Apolone, shows that Covid-19 was in Northern Italy, the centre of the European Covid-19 occurrence, already in spring-summer 2019.

In September 2019, Apolone screened 959 healthy Northern Italian volunteers for lung cancer. The study found that 111 of them carried Covid-19, and six antibodies.

In November 2019 several general practitioners reported strange and severe respiratory symptoms in elderly and frail patients.

According to the study Covid-19 was already in Italy in late spring 2019. After the summer, ten out of 100 screened partients were positive.

Picture: © Prachatai, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsZgykpnwatt

I heard today that in England there has been a 25% increase in deaths at home, i.e. people avoiding the hospital because they are told only Covid patients are being treated.
Alex A
This has been going on in Australia since the first recorded COVID-189 case back in April 2020.