Vatican Mismanagement: Toxic Combination of South America and Italy

SilereNonPossum.it (June 6) published another article about Cardinal Gambetti (Fabbrica of Saint Peter’s). Highlights.

• Gambetti hired long-standing friends at management levels (9th/10th level) despite an explicit ban on new hires; they start working at 10am or 11am, some arrive on Wednesday leaving on Friday.

• Gambetti uses a car from the Diplomatic Corps to which he is not entitled.

• The Head of the Reception and Liturgical Celebrations (9th level), Gambetti’s friend, is a trained dental technician.

• Bishop Galantino (APSA) asked Gambetti for a financial report but was refused.

• Gambetti wants to create a second entrance to Saint Peter’s for tourists who will pay a ticket (Francis in November 2021, “The Church does not live on marketing strategies.”).

• Father Juan Antonio Guerrero (Secretariat of the Economy), seems to rubber-stamp Gambetti’s new hirings.

• Guerrero made his childhood friend his secretary (10th level).

• Fabio Gasperini (Secretary APSA) asked for a salary increase when he saw how much Guerrero’s secretary earns.

• Guerrero made Benjamín Estévez Cominges from Spain the financial watchdog for the rich Propaganda Fidei; he was given a flat but once he saw the availability of Propaganda Fide flats complained that an apartment in posh Via Condotti would suit him better.

• Francis has created a superstructure on top of the old one, wasting lots of money, but he sleeps peacefully, convinced that he has placed his pawns in strategic spots.