Second Step: Francis Media Start Abusing Heralds of the Gospel

A day after the Heralds of the Gospel were put under Vatican tutelage, the Francis aligned oligarch media, following a known script, started lashing out at them.

The Francis journalist Franca Giansoldati, 55, opened the chase on IlMessagero.it. On 8 December 2018 Giansoldati was standing next to Francis when he made a “surprise visit” to the newspaper that belongs to the Roman billionaire Francesco Caltagirone.

Now she yells: “the pope loses his patience,” “medieval tunics,” “gross anomalies,” “abuse of power,” “cult of personality,” and “psychological control over the members” [as if this were a problem in Francis’ Vatican].

Giansoldati accuses the Heralds of a “super orthodox faith” that – seemingly a contradiction – must be “purged of doctrinal deviances,” but is “in open contrast with Francis.”

She has only two complaints: a video allegedly showing "an exorcism practiced on children” and the allegation that [some] Heralds say that “[sacrosanct] climate changes are a fruit of the devil.”

These bizarr, isolated accusations are hardly enough to put the 3000 Heralds collectively under ecclesiastical tutelage.

As a sidenote, Giansoldati says that the commissioner will have access to the “rather large” patrimony of the community.


God bless the Heralds of the Gospel
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle