Francis Grants Great Manipulator Superpower Over Order Of Malta

Francis intervenes in the ongoing constitutional reform [= destruction] of the formerly sovereign Order of Malta by giving more power to Cardinal Silvano Tomasi, 81, Francis' Special Delegate to the Order.

In an October 25 letter, Francis grants Tomasi “all the powers necessary to decide any questions that may arise for the implementation of the mandate entrusted to him.” This includes the ordinary government of the Order, even derogating, if necessary, from the current Constitutional Charter and the current Maltese Code.

Tomasi will convene an next Extraordinary General Chapter at his preferred date and chair it. He will als decide upon composition of the Chapter and its procedure.

Picture: Villa Malta - Aventino © Giorgio Minguzzi, CC BY-SA, #newsDtnlvrvilz

Louis IX
I always understood the Knights of Malta to be a sovereign order with self governance not beholden to the Supreme Pontiff. If they don't like what Bergoglio is doing they can tell him to take a hike and send his Cardinal packing.
Now was that charitable? Why don't you offer to help them then.
Another poorly written article full of mistakes. Some lines make no sense. If you cannot write English, please do not bother writing at all. Nobody wants to promote unclear garbage on their website.
Jan Joseph
Als de orde van Malta dit accepteert zijn ze gestoord.