US and Europe Made Sure That There Was No Christmas For These People

“Our conditions are very difficult; we feel as if we are hanging in the air, crucified, between heaven and earth,” Franciscan Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, 47, writes in a Christmas letter.

Alsabagh is the guardian and priest of the Latin parish of Aleppo, Syria. Electricity is available for only an hour every ten hours. There is a severe shortage of gas and fuel. The Syrian pound continues to decline, causing hunger and misery to many families.

The main culprits are the United States and Europe who hammer the country with criminal sanctions. Aleppo’s Apostolic Vicar and the Damascus Maronite Archbishop have denounced the US Sanctions Caesar Act which throws the people into poverty.

We need “food aid and health care, school aid and after school remedial teaching, and clothes,”


One shouldn't excpect any good from countries and their govs which allow for murder of children in their mother's womb thereby serving satan himself throgh sacrifice of the innocent's blood .