"Covid vaccines and the forthcoming mark of the beast" - Covid "vaccines" are not the "mark of the beast", since they do not imply any mark on "the right hand or forehead", because their rejection does …More
"Covid vaccines and the forthcoming mark of the beast" - Covid "vaccines" are not the "mark of the beast", since they do not imply any mark on "the right hand or forehead", because their rejection does not make it impossible to "buy and sell" and because the personal antichrist or "beast of the sea" has not yet publicly appeared. It has done it in spirit, in an increasingly evident way; also, as a social body, which is in an advanced stage of gestation; but not yet in a personal way. In other words, the 70th week of Daniel ("The Seventy Weeks of Daniel": Las Setenta Semanas de Daniel) has not yet begun, that is, the seven-year period that, "technically", corresponds to the prophecies of the Apocalypse prior to the Second Coming of Our Lord (La Parusía - Padre Juan Rovira S. J.), has not started.

However, the covid "vaccines" and the "health passport" clearly constitute, in my opinion, a gradual preparation for what will one day become the "mark of the beast". And, in this sense, it is very suggestive that Bergoglio ("Eight years with Francis": Ocho años con Francisco.) - a good candidate to play in the future the role of "false prophet" or "beast of the earth" - unconditionally supports the application of both things. Let us not forget that it is the "false prophet" who has the initiative to make the "inhabitants of the earth" worship the "first beast" and accept its "mark" ...

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