Archbishop Lenga Will Not Respect Sanctions

“Christ gave me the authority through the Church to proclaim the Truth, and I will do this until I die,” retired Archbishop Jan Lenga, 69, declared after being de facto suspended by Włocławek Bishop Wiesław Mering, Poland.

Although “forbidden” to speak to the media, Lenga told WRealu24.tv (February 22, video below) that neither Mering nor anyone else nor a downgrading will prevent him from proclaiming Christ. He calls on Francis and the "poor bishops" to convert.

Michał Kołodziej writes on Twitter.com that Lenga recently began to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass and is in favour of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (+1991), the founder of the Society of St Pius X.


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Lenga's courage is to be praised: all the bishops should do like him, and Bergoglio would only have to go for bike rides, in the Amazonian forest of course... More details about the archbishop here : LENGA : « BERGOGLIO, ein USURPATOR ! » und DAMIT der ANTICHRIST ! (with your Deepl of course).
Gesù è con noi
Wiktor Pawłowski
Biskup współpracownik UB Mering zamyka usta prawdziwym księdzom .
This is when things get exciting. Sounds like they're ready for a cage-match.
The first was Gracida, now Lenga. One that is not yet retired is missing.
I love this bishop ave Maria
Someone who knows where his authority comes from. 🤗
God bless you!!!