Cardinal Kasper: Francis Wants To “Change” Church, Allow Female Ordination

Francis is convinced that the "Holy Spirit" has called him “to change” the Church, Cardinal Walter Kasper told (December 6).

He believes that Francis will abolish priestly celibacy in “extraordinary cases” - which will quickly become the general rule like with the "extraordinary" ministers of Holy Communion.

He also expects Francis to “open the door” to the ordination of women.

As he always does, Kasper downplays the opposition against Francis, “They are few, but with new digital media, a little mouse becomes an elephant.”

Kasper relies on the support of the oligarch media. This gives him the illusion that he is "mainstream" and "powerful." However, those faithful Catholics who will also tomorrow be part of the Church, understand that Kasper's and Francis' modernist recipes are not set for reform but for disaster.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWgetrulklk

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