No Consequences: Bishop "Condemns" Bicycle Eucharist

Brescia Bishop Pierantonio Tremolada, 65, Italy, condemned on September 19 the beer-table-with-bicycle Eucharist, staged by Father Fabio Corazzina.

According to MessaInLatino.it, Tremolada criticised Corazzina's dress, his dealing with the consecrated species, his freestyle prayers, and inappropriate jokes, “How can you not realise the shock and pain it would have caused - and in fact has caused - in so many people who deeply love the Eucharist.”

Tremolada demands of Corazzina to humbly apologise and “choose a penitential gesture, which expresses awareness of your responsibility and in some way intervenes to repair what has happened.” Finally, he commends to “be vigilant that this does not happen again.”

The reality: The live-streamed video of the bicycle eucharist is still on Corazzina's Facebook page. Given his additional posts, there is no reason to be optimistic about his future behaviour. Tremolada didn't announce any punishment in case Corazzina won’t apologise.


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