Francis' Disastrous Personnel Policy

Francis chooses bishops at the suggestion of … one of his female cousins, writes SilereNonPossum (May 26).

• It was impossible that an Italo-Argentinean like Francis would not bring the “most shameless amoral familism” to the Vatican.

• On May 26, Francis chose Father Michele Di Tolve, 60, as an [unnecessary] auxiliary of Rome.

• Di Tolve is a former assistant priest in the parish of one of Francis' Italian cousins, who introduced Di Tolve to Cardinal Bergoglio years ago.

• Later Di Tolve became the rector of the Milan Seminary, where he had little success.

• Di Tolve knows nothing of the pastoral situation in Rome.

• It is well known in the Vatican that Francis has “very possessive and very short-lived love affairs.” He uses people and then throws them away.

• They say in the Roman Curia, “If Francis doesn't notice you exist, you survive, otherwise it's over."

Picture: © Mazur/cbcew.org.uk, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsHzwwrlyklr