"Two Years of Global Health Tyranny"

"Two Years of Global Health Tyranny" - Miles Christi - 03/11/2022.

Today marks two years since the declaration of "pandemic" made by the WHO, on March 11, 2020. "Pandemic" caused by an alleged new "coronavirus" that has never been properly isolated and whose existence is not proven. And whose supposed fatality rate, according to official figures, is not higher than that of any seasonal flu.

This is an automatic translation. To read the original in Spanish, with its footnotes, see here: "Dos años de Tiranía Sanitaria Mundial"

Arbitrary, abusive and unjustified decision that caused a brutal and endless global confinement, without historical precedent, that destroyed the economy and weakened the physical and mental health of the people. Confinement of the population and restrictions of all kinds, accompanied by a display of collective propaganda never seen before, through all the media, unanimous in indoctrination and mass brainwashing, unceasingly fueling fear, the anguish and uncertainty in people, in an abject campaign of emotional manipulation. Systematically censoring, silencing and discrediting the plethora of doctors, scientists, jurists, psychologists and economists who, in every country in the world, radically question the “sanitary” measures aimed at “controlling” the supposed pandemic and “taking care” of the people.

“Pandemic” that has never really existed, given that the global death figures in 2020 have been equivalent to or lower than those of previous years. Without forgetting the aberrant "recommendation" of the WHO not to carry out autopsies -which meant its de facto prohibition-, nor the massive tests with an inappropriate PCR test to carry out medical diagnoses or detect "infected", as its inventor had clearly explained, Nobel laureate in chemistry Kary Mullis.

Who, by the way, had "died" very opportunely a few months before the widespread use of his invention was imposed in order to detect the "positive" cases that would serve to justify to public opinion the arbitrary measures adopted to "combat" the virus, which he -an independent scientist and a man with an uncontrollable personality- would have immediately contested, unmasking the imposture.

Then followed the extortive imposition of an experimental gene "vaccine" -manufactured in record time and without ever having received any official approval-, on the entire world population, its components being unknown, exempting laboratories from legal responsibility for adverse effects, ignoring completely what these would be in the medium and long term, having verified the seriousness and the unheard-of number of short-term side effects, prohibiting the use of multiple medications -of low cost and of proven efficacy in the field-, thus justifying the “ need” for the worldwide production, sale and inoculation of experimental “vaccines”, a multimillion-dollar business for laboratories and their innumerable spokespersons hired from various health agencies, press agencies and the mass media.

All this decreed by the WHO, at the request of its main financier, the billionaire "philanthropist" Bill Gates, self-proclaimed "universal vaccinator", who, a few days after the declaration of the "pandemic" state, publicly stated, in an interview with the Financial Times, that there would only be a return to "normality" when the entire world population had been injected with the experimental serum sponsored by him, in an unspeakable act of psychological intimidation and emotional blackmail, framed in such a shocking conflict of interest situation as manifest.

The same Gates who had organized a coronavirus pandemic simulation -Event 201- two months before the official appearance of the "virus" in China, and who in the past had said publicly that he harbored the goal of reducing the world's population through his vaccination campaigns. Pandemic simulation organized together with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Safety and the World Economic Forum, chaired by Klaus Schwab.

The same Schwab who published a book in June 2020 entitled Covid-19: The Great Reset, in which he asserts that there will "never" be a return to normalcy, that the "coronavirus crisis" has "biblical" dimensions, and that the changes that will come will be so “radical” that we could be at the beginning of a new “era”: there would be a BC (“Before Coronavirus”, as opposed to “Before Christ”) and an AC (“After Coronavirus ”, as opposed to “After Christ”). And let's also remember that the co-organizer of the event, the Johns Hopkins Center, had carried out another pandemic drill in October 2017, called "Spars Pandemic 2025-2028", and another in May 2018, entitled "Clade X Exercise".

Without omitting the suggestive fact that, ten days after "Event 201", the Milken Institute -with the stellar presence of the ineffable Anthony Fauci-, had organized a seminar in which the need to develop a “universal vaccine” against the flu was evoked and called for “investing in innovative science and catalyzing a global response to the inevitable next pandemic”.

In short, what I am aiming at with this brief list of facts -which is far from being exhaustive- is that it is difficult to understand that, in the presence of so many and such clear converging signs -and which are public knowledge-, the immense Most people have not even considered the possibility that we are facing a criminal hoax of gigantic proportions, a colossal imposture that I would not hesitate to describe as a bioterrorist attack and a crime against humanity.

I want to specify that I am weighing each of my words, which are not an outburst, nor the fruit of a runaway imagination, nor the result of a momentary indignation, certainly understandable, but, in the end, excessive. No, to reason in this way would be to delude oneself: the magnitude and consequences of what has been happening for the last two years are beyond anything imaginable. To tell the truth, any expression would be insufficient to fully reflect the unprecedented dimension of the event.

What I describe in this brief chronicle is but the tip of the iceberg. What is perceived is, however, more than enough reason to issue this serious diagnosis, to launch a pressing alarm signal, to appeal to a healthy and urgent awareness -individual and collective- and a clear, unequivocal and bold position public, by all means available to each one.

Looking at reality squarely, expressing it without hesitation or false human prudence, and acting accordingly, has become an urgent duty and a political and spiritual vocation as possibly never before, in these dark times in which pusillanimity roams freely, indifference and apathy, and in which lies and deception have suppressed not only the luminous presence of truth in social life, but, even worse, the very longing for its search, in the heart of most of the people.

I take this opportunity to point out, with great sadness and immense disappointment, the deafening silence and the disturbing blindness that most Catholic intellectuals suffer from regarding the current situation, some of whom even give the impression of taking pleasure in denigrating anyone who dares to question the relevance and honesty of the narrative promoted by the laboratories.

Defending the credibility of the WHO and the criminal pharmaceutical industry and seeking to ridicule those who give the alarm signal in the face of this anomalous situation wherever it is considered would seem to constitute a quasi-prophetic mission for certain Catholic intellectuals who zealously rival the fact-checkers paid by Bill Gates and company, whose common denominator is the hunt for "conspiracists" and the uncompromising legitimization of the official pandemic narrative before public opinion.

In short, the list of unusual events, strange coincidences and suspicious situations in this Orwellian sequence of events is endless: contradictory statements, inconsistent decisions, shameless lies, pervasive conflicts of interest, overwhelming media propaganda, totalitarian impositions, systematic censorship of dissidents, total absence of public debate and exposure of divergent points of view, permanent "brainwashing" and emotional manipulation, hateful extortion measures to "add vaccinated", implementation of the "health pass" -true tool of totalitarian state control that discriminates against a category of citizens, depriving them of fundamental freedoms-, and a very long etcetera.

In light of what has happened during this endless "health" process, I believe that the fact of daring to question the veracity of the official narrative regarding the "pandemic" and all the subsequent measures is not only fully justified, but also a manifestation common sense and a morally compelling attitude.

And I also believe, as a necessary counterpart to this, that refusing to consider, at least, the possibility that the official version of the "health crisis" does not adjust to the truth and disfigures the reality of the facts -and, worse yet, to disqualify for "conspiracy" whoever did it-, is to show signs of a total lack of interest in the truth and constitutes a dishonorable lack of intellectual probity.

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Rand Miller
Another excellent essay by Miles Christi.
Miles - Christi
Thank you very much, Rand!
Guess what the evil elite forces are not done with us yet but if we pray to God and come back to him and ask Him for help He will protect us ,Jesus said knock and the door will be open ,only God can deliver us from this evil and He will