The Names of the Culprits Behind Traditionis Custodes

Traditionis Custodes (TC) was, besides Francis’ main responsibility, a scheme of the Italian bishops, French Father Claude Barthe told (July 30).

Bishops in America and France, where the Roman Rite is more prevalent, were surprised about TC and reacted with moderation.

Barthe reveals that Parolin's Secretariat of State - which is Francis' prolonged arm - “led all of this” but was “extremely discreet.” Requests were made, likely by Ladaria (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith), to postpone TC so “as not to start a new liturgical war in the Church.”

The names of the main culprits are: Bergoglio, Parolin, his substitute Peña Parra, Versaldi (Catholic Education), in collaboration with representatives of Liturgy, Clergy, Bishops, and Secretariat of State who participated in Anti-Mass meetings.

Another major lobby group came from Italy, where young priests only now wake up, celebrate the Roman Rite, and adopt Catholic ideas.

A main reason for the hatred against the Mass is for Barthe the doctrine it represents, and, “It puts the finger on what hurts, namely the doctrinal status of Vatican II, which has never been settled.”

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsClesmqprtj

What is meant by "doctrinal status" of Vatican II that has never been settled?