Bishop Wants Rome's Approval for Pagan Novus Ordo

San Cristóbal Bishop Rodrigo Aguilar Martínez, southern Mexico, "plans" to incorporate pagan Mayan rites into the decadent Novus Ordo, he told EFE (March 1).

The general rule is that when such "plans" are made public, the abuses in question have long since been introduced. In fact, Martínez admitted that the paganisation is already being practised in Tzeltal and Tzotzil, two Mayan languages.

An official proposal will include pagan dance, music and the participation of women. It will be presented to the Mexican bishops in April and to the Vatican in May.

The Mayan rite will be an adaptation similar to the Congolese Rite, which incorporates elements of African culture. The faithful are expressing their views on such games by joining Protestant groups.

The only liturgical rule in the Vatican is: in the Novus Ordo, everything is allowed goes, in the Roman Rite everything is "forbidden."


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"Mexican bishops will ask Pope to include Mayan rites in Catholic Masses": Zaire was just the start...
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Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
If that's the Bishop, why doesn't he do one step further, and request of the Vatican that part of this "rite" be human sacrifice, when the barbaric Mayan "priest" would slice the victim down the middle and wrip out the heart while the person was still alive. Why doesn this sick S.O.___ ask the Vatican for that as well.....if he truely wants a Mayan Rite.
St. Juan Diego Ora pro nobis.