Le SRAS-CoV-2 existe au moins depuis 2007

Le SRAS-CoV-2 aurait été identifié fin 2019 en Chine, n'est-ce pas? Mais alors, COMMENT EST-IL POSSIBLE QUE, SELON CETTE PUBLICATION DE L'AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY DE 2008, IL EXISTAIT DÉJÀ ALORS? Avec le SARS-CoV-3, pour couronner le tout. Tout dans cette histoire de "crise sanitaire mondiale" respire le mensonge, la manipulation et la tromperie.

Je cite le document publié par la Société Américaine de Microbiologie le 16/02/2008, mais reçu le 20 novembre 2007:

ABSTRACT. RNase-resistant, noninfectious virus-like particles containing exogenous RNA sequences (armored RNA) are good candidates as RNA controls and standards in RNA virus detection. However, the length of RNA packaged in the virus-like particles with high efficiency is usually less than 500 bases. In this study, we describe a method for producing armored L-RNA. Armored L-RNA is a complex of MS2 bacteriophage coat protein and RNA produced in Escherichia coli by the induction of a two-plasmid coexpression system in which the coat protein and maturase are expressed from one plasmid and the target RNA sequence with modified MS2 stem-loop (pac site) is transcribed from another plasmid. A 3V armored L-RNA of 2,248 bases containing six gene fragments-hepatitis C virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV1, SARS-CoV2, and SARS-CoV3). (...)

Received 20 November 2007. Returned for modification 28 December 2007.

Accepted 16 February 2008. Copyright © 2008 American Society for Microbiology.


PDF: jcm.asm.org/content/jcm/46/5/1734.full.pdf

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