India Prime Minster Mourns Jesuit

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi mourned on Twitter.com Jesuit Father Carlos González Vallés, 95, who died November 9 in Madrid.

Vallés came at the age of 24 to India where he studied and taught Mathematics. He became an Indian citizen, wrote 78 books, and created his own website in 1999.

Besides translating mathematical concepts into Gujarati, a language spoken by 55 Million people, Vallés also coined new terms. He received awards for his Gujarati writings. Mahatma Gandhi was Gujarati.

In 1990, he retired, left India, and settled down in Madrid with his ninety-year-old mother until she died at the age of 101.

Picture: CarlosValles.com, #newsJxmjnnghul
Cuthbert Mayne
His book on Angels is quite good. Sad that his writing and life as a Jesuit in India is overshadowed by that heretic Jesuit Antony De Melo
More confident with the battle dress of the early days. RIP