Did Archbishop Paglia Just Launch a Mock Attack?

“That note should not have been written,” Archbishop Paglia, the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said during a televised media appearance in Rome.

The pro-homosex prelate was referring to the Vatican’s note regarding the Italian Zan law ("Legge Zan") which seeks to shield homosex propaganda from being freely discussed.

On a picture behind Paglia's back, a fully naked man could be seen (video below). For Paglia is “obvious” that alleged "hatred against homosexuals" exists while, in reality, homosex ideologists hate those who refute them.

Paglia added that the "hatred against homosexuals" which he imagines, should be "fought."

In order to throw some sand in the eyes of the public, he then said that the Zan law is “badly written," identifies a "problem," but does not help to solve it. Despite the fact that, this law criminalises the proclamation of the Gospel, Paglia protested that the Concordat between Italy and the Vatican has “nothing to do with” it.

Seen from the outside, Paglia's comments look like a personal attack against Francis, but it's likely that it was coordinated with Francis in order to muddy the waters.


Archbishop Paglia and his defenders will respond to their critics that the great Michelangelo filled the Sistine ceiling in all its glory with similar images.
...and the more perceptive among their critics will note that "similar" is not the same as "identical" nor is piously themed art the same as pornography catering to homosexuals. ;-)
God does not like promoting sin
Clever Jesuit Pope is clever. Oh...this marks the first time a full frontal nude of a gay naked man appears on GTV. If this keeps up, it's going to be LGBTV. :P
Reminds of Paglia's fresco in his former Cathedral
Some folks here would be crawling all over me like the figures in the fresco if I posted something like this. @HerzMariae :D Since I'm not, I predict there will be few if any outraged complaints.
The values of LGBT