Francis Calls Demonic Politician A "Wise Man"

“Today, I have not met just a man, a president, but a wise man," Francis exulted after a Friday audience for Irish President Michael Higgins, a misanthropic anti-life and anti-family socialist.

Francis' "wise man" was from 2003 to 2011 the President of the Irish Labour Party which represents the oligarchs' agenda: homosexualism, homosex pseudo-marriage (signed by Higgins in 2015), homosex adoptions, gender ideology, abortion (signed by Higgins in 2018), divorce (signed by Higgins in 2019), climate ideology, and legalising drugs.

In the face of so much evil, Francis exclaimed, "I thank God that Ireland has such a wise man as its Head (of State).” Higgins labelled the 1983 referendum which wiped abortion off the table as “callous,” “sinister,” and “undemocratic.”


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More incoherent double speak as Pope Francis hails pro-abortion Irish president as a ‘wise man of today’
This entire scene reminds me of a Monty Python episode.
Bloated Irish apostate creep. No wonder Francis likes him
Francis isn't bothered the "wise man" doesn't wear a mask or that he's stands so close they're literally belly-to-belly Elites don't need masks.
Evil is as Evil does.
chris griffin
Ireland in ruins and the Pope joins in.
Not a compliment to the poor President!