Francis Produces Flop Video for Argentinean Diocese

Instead of taking care of his Vatican job, Francis is playing around with his romantic “peripheries.”

Last Friday, he sent an IPhone video message to a virtual “Community Spirituality Course” organised by Comodoro Rivadavia diocese, Argentina.

The course bored the participants with the theme "Conversion to Social Diakonia." Allegedly 600 “pastoral agents” participated.

“I ask you to let your heart beat, nothing else,” Francis told the participants along the line of his usual sentimentalism.

The “peripheries” didn’t care much about the video. On YouTube.com where it was divulged, it received 290 clicks and generated no comments.


God swiftly deliver us from this monstrous sower of perversions and lies in the vineyard of the Lord.
Novella Nurney
BA,HAHA IHAHA, " let your heart beat and nothing else" . What an utterly asinine statement. I'm glad my Lord ,God Almighty takes care of my heart beating ....and the everything else.
WGTV has some Enrique Iglesias for the Pope.
Eric M
Behold the false prophet of the Apocalypse, vicar of Satan on earth.