Pentecost: Will Francis Replace Half A Dozen Prefects?

Francis allegedly announced at a May 9 meeting with heads of the Roman Curia that he will replace a number of prefects when the new Vatican constitution takes effect on June 5, Herder.de has learned.

This concerns those prefects whose five-year term has expired and who have exceeded the age limit of 75. They are:

Ladaria, 78, Doctrine of the Faith
Ouellet, 77, Bishops
Aviz, 75, Religious Orders
Sandri, 78, Eastern Church
Versaldi, 79, Education
Ravasi, 79, Culture.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsFzrpktdwap

Jeffrey Ade
Who cares?
Natuurlijk en dan kunnen er weer homoseksuele vriendjes van paus Franciscus worden benoemd en zo gaat de hele Rooms Katholieke kerk een catastrofe tegemoet.
He that increaseth wisdom, increaseth sorrow. Robert Burton