Pandemonium: “Conservative” Bishop Imposes Communion in the Hand

Faithful of San Rafael, Argentina, have taken to their knees in order to protest San Rafael Bishop Eduardo Taussig’s decision to impose Communion in the hand.

San Rafael is an excellent diocese with an international reputation. It has a very Catholic clergy and a strong Catholic laity. Taussig is considered a “conservative” and is not a Francis’ favourite.

But now, for unclear reasons, Taussig has thrown the full weight of his authority into a personal battle for Communion in the hand.

He temporarily closed down a resisting parish in San Rafael. Priests who refused his order were sent home, among them the rector and vice-rector of the seminary.

Taussig made himself the new rector, forcing the seminarians to receive Communion in the hand although the seminary had been under lockdown since the coronavirus-pandemonium. Taussig’s spokesman confirmed that this was imposed on the seminarians “to test their obedience.”

Now, Taussig has his diocese against him. In the last days, people gathered in front of the seminary, where Taussig lives and ask him to reverse his decision.


Those faithful should immediately write to the bishop and their parish priests to explain WHY they are refusing to give so much as a penny to the Church from now on. Always remember The Church today is a business and businesses run on money. Cut off his income and the Bishop will notice. English Catholic bishop: parishes see 'dramatic fall' in income following lockdown
Unlawful command and not to be followed
Laity is the heart of our church.