Bigger Yes: But What About the View?

A giant statue of Christ is presently constructed in Encantado, Southern Brazil. It will rise higher than the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

The statue will be named Christ the Protector, will be 43m high, and measures 36m from hand to hand. In its interior, there will be an elevator leading to an observation deck near the top.

The head and the outstretched arms were added this week. The statue is under construction since 2019. Its completion is scheduled for 2021. The work is coordinated by the Association of the Friends of Christ with private means.

Rio's 90-years-old statue is 38 meters high and spans 28 meters hand to hand. Rio's Mayor Eduardo Paes wrote on Internet, "Building a bigger statue is easy, but I would also want to have the view we have in Rio."