German Bishop: Having No Mass Is For Him “Luxury Problem”

For Magdeburg Bishop Gerhard Feige, the Catholic discontent about the coronavirus Mass ban is "whiny" (Katholisch.de, April 20).

He charges Christians to pursue their "particular interests" like lobbyists. Compared with the effects of the coronavirus, the efforts of the nursing staff, and the economic difficulties, the cancellation of church services are for Feige "almost luxury problems".

He hates that people speak about a "health dictator" and alleges that there are "considerable differences" between a dictatorship and a "democratic state" which restricts the common good for the sake of the common good.

Feige rejects a restrictive admission to Masses alleging that it's "impossible to decide" who may participate, and to monitor compliance with the rules.

Feige only wants to allow church services when it can happen "more naturally and in a more humane way."

Picture: Gerhard Feige, © Thomas Guffler, CC BY-SA, #newsSwugcxpmgo

Hugh N. Cry
It probably always played hard on his conscience when he had to say Mass. Now, he doesn’t have to agonize.
When Jesus was being crucified, he prayed for His tormentors. We need to pray for people like the Bishop. What is he doing to his poor flock?
Our Lady of LaSalette, pray for us!
He gets paid as if he were a Hollywood big budget film producer... even more unjust than ballplayer-trillionaires, much more...
If 90% of the Catholics in the bishop's diocese formally cancel their membership to their parishes and refuse to pay any more "church-tax", his opinion will change. That is the problem. Those taxes are automatic so he does not care if the Church is open or not. Either way, he still gets paid.