Cardinal: "My Bones Shall Not Be Placed in the Cathedral"

He may never return to Rome again, Hongkong Cardinal Joseph Zen, 88, told (October 2), “My legs do not work so well for these long trips.”

Zen was in Rome until September 27 trying to speak to Francis about the next Hongkong Bishop but Francis didn't receive him. Now, Zen says that nothing more can be done but praying.

If the Vatican appoints a pro-Beijing Bishop for Hongkong, Zen’s “job is finished," he stresses. His "last act of protest" will be "to disappear with everyone knowing why." He will put in his testament — that my bones shall not be placed in the cathedral, I do not want to be buried with such men.” Instead, he prefers resting in a cemetery with simple faithful of the people of God.

Commenting on the July 19 Angelus when Francis didn't read out a text about Hongkong previously distributed to journalists, Zen gave three possible reasons why Francis acted so: this was either Francis' private decision or due to pressure from the Chinese Embassy, or a political trick by which he released one version and read another to please both sides. For Zen, the last option would be "terrible."

Picture: Joseph Zen, © Etan Liam, CC BY-ND, #newsSqtccrriql

If you can spare an Ave for Cardinal Zen and his flock.
Miles - Christi
Hey man, "Ultraviolent", who are you? A political commissar in charge of repressing the people? A professional whistleblower? A compulsive censor? Or just a frustrated, bitter and unpleasant guy who finds nothing better to do in life than to seek to annoy others, in order to fill the void and insignificance of your own existence?
If the Communist Chinese have their way, Cardinal Zen's body will disappear. Also @Miles - Christi - English continues spamming GTV. Cardinal Zen has nothing to do with Bill Gates or health totalitarianism, you stupid obnoxious spam-bot. KYS, TY.