Augsburg Bishop Promotes Self-Made of Our Father

In his Lenten pastoral letter, Augsburg Bishop Bertram Meier promotes a private version of the Our Father although the original version is by Christ himself and the Gospel emphasises that "the servant is not above his master" (Jn 13:16).

"Instead of asking for daily bread, I pray time and again 'Give us this day our daily word!'." - writes the wise-cracking prelate, and recommends his private version for imitation.

Material things alone are not enough, Meier insists, "we need relationships, friendship, good words for each other, the Word of God, common worship."

First of all, the petition for bread is not about the "material," nor is it about a "material" word, secondly, manipulating the Our Father is no valid instrument for creating more "relationship," and thirdly, the things suggested by Meier are a downright attack on the distancing dictatorship of the Covid 19 regime.

Picture: Bertram Meier © pba, #newsGgtfzotyxd

Here we go, all together now... "German Bishop... (does something contrary to Church teachings)" These guys, every time.