Mockery At the Altar: In the Novus Ordo Abuses Are The Normality

The video below shows Father Matthieu Jasseron dressed in liturgical vestments, dancing at the altar like in a disco, and playing with a chalice.

Jasseron published this mockery on TikTok.com (July 20, 2021). It is still online.

He was ordained in 2019 and is pastor of St. John the Baptist, in Sens-Auxerre Archdiocese, France, led by Archbishop Hervé Giraud. Not surprisingly, he is also a homosexualist who refuses to accept the biblical condemnation of homosexual acts and the existence of the devil.


Credo .
Satanic behavior!
Defrock the moron.
Croí Láidir
Also we must pray for his conversion, his repentance, and mercy and the salvation of his soul.
P. O'B
I was thinking homosexual before I finished your article or saw the dance.
Wilma Lopez