Archbishop Develops Coronavirus Therapy: Government Happy, Oligarchs Furious

Douala Archbishop Samuel Kleda, 62, Cameroon, developed in summer 2020 two herbal Coronavirus drugs based on the traditional African medicine.

They were recently approved for use by a government scientific committee, and offered on the export market, reports Marius Macaire Biloa, the national coordinator of Cameroon's Catholic Health Association on March 17.

The treatment is based on Elixir Covid, a drug produced from Natal mahogany (Trichilia emetica), a southern African evergreen tree, and on Adsak Covid which is produced from an Aloe plant. They need to be taken together.

The therapy was applied on some 10,000 people and showed good results. The drugs are provided free of charge within Cameroon.

As could be expected, the oligarchs' media discredit the therapy, calling it "unproven" as if any Covid treatment - including the vaccines - were "proven."