Personnel Office: No “Innocent Misunderstanding” But “Deep Wound”

The falsely announced central Vatican Personnel Office wasn’t “an innocent misunderstanding” or a “bureaucratic error” but is a “deep wound.”

“The Holy Father himself was dragged into this mess,” the papolatric IlSismografo.Blogspot.com (March 8) writes.

It asks why the Vatican Press Office published a communiqué, received from the Information Office of the Secretariat of State (responsible: Monsignor Paolo Scebola), attributing to Francis decisions he never took.

And: What role did Sostituto Peña Parra and Monsignor Luigi Roberto Cona, the Secretaritat of State’s Councillor for General Affairs play in this matter?

Picture: Pietro Parolin, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQfugpiukpe

Francis dragged into the mess? And my eye! He gives his orders, and one day after his counter-orders... When will we understand once and for all that the Antichrist is a guy with a cracked head?
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One of the "deep wounds" is the German Bishops believing they can buy the right to change Catholic teachings to suit their own agenda.
Novella Nurney
Clogging the Church's arteries with all those Euros has most certainly attributed to her illness . Fortunately she has the Divine Physician to heal all of her wounds and the Most Holy BVM to nurse her back to health .