Francis Called a Mother Who Considered Abortion

Pope Francis recently phoned Anna, a divorced woman who is pregnant after having committed adultery with a married man, reports Credere (May 22).

Anna, originally from Arezzo, Italy, was jobless when she moved to Rome thinking about aborting her child.

But then she wrote to Pope Francis who called her.

He told Anna that Christians never lose hope, that a child is a gift of God and a sign of Providence.

It seems that he was able to convince Anna to spare the life of her child.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBmnzbjwiys
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GJA Taylor
Oh my! Is this from Papa Francis' PR manager? Are we supposed to think the pope who said we talk too much about abortion is now come to his senses??? I think not.
Why didn't the Pope start a Crusade to save Ireland from slaughtering their babies like the victory over invading Muslims at Lepanto where Pope Pius V asked Catholics to say their daily Rosary…/how-the-1571-ba…
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Ireland has damned Herself, first with the sodomites and now, it appears, baby killing is allowed. Just like in the days of Baal; sacrifice. Bad times ahead my brothers and sisters.
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Sounds like it's made up. Where's the talk to the Irish?
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