"Sacramental Ordination" Of Women Under Discussion - Cardinal Schönborn

It is under discussion to "ordain" women [invalidly] to deacons, according to Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

Talking to (June 18), Schönborn states that he is talking of the first step of the three Holy Orders (deacon, priest and bishop).

Schönborn then tries to create a confusion between ordained deacons and the femals deaconesses of the first centuries.

The deaconesses were never ordained but received a blessing in order to perform caritative work and for reasons of decency to assist at the anointing of the women before baptism.

Picture: Christoph Schönborn,, #newsUbdtaomdne

The Carthusian Female branch supposedly has Mother Superiors- (in italian-Abadesse),ordained? as Deaconesses..... I wonder what is that.... they ordain? these women for centuries now...
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please go retire card Schonborn and give us all a break!
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