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Open Revolt in the Vatican?

The Vaticanista Marco Tosatti writes that “a cardinal of great renown, a former diplomat, with an important curriculum at the head of Congregations and important offices in the Secretariat of State”, reproached Francis for his reckless undermining of Catholic doctrine.

During a meeting with Francis the cardinal said in essence: “We elected you to make reforms, not to shatter everything.” According to Tosatti, the discussion became known because the two started raising their voices.

The prelate belongs to the cardinals who in 2013 voted for Bergoglio. A scan through the list of the participants in the 2013 conclave shows that the cardinal most likely involved in this incident is Leonardo Sandri, 74, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.

Picture: Leonardo Sandri, #newsNuujpawibs
Dr Bobus
Rafferju. I realize it's something new for you. You just need to spend a few days (or weeks) thinking about it.
Sorry but There is no logic in your reply.
Dr Bobus
No, God didn't get it wrong--you did.

I agree that the presumption of heaven is common now, which is a sin against the virtue of Hope. This is most manifest in funerals, mainly because Purgatory has been jettisoned. The purpose of a funeral mass has been forgotten. It is now considered a celebration of life rather than acts appealing for the salvation of the deceased because it includes both … More
Rafał_Ovile mentioned this post in Stonka Ziemniaczana Droga Stonko! tylko roztropność nakazuje gasić pożar wodą a nie "oliwą." Czyta….
Dr Bobus, its the fact that most don't realise they are on the way to hell, the church has always taught about the fewness of the saved. in Ireland as I'm guessing is similar to a lot of places, focus is on God's mercy and everyone is going to heaven, which in turn leads to hell. our lady at Fatima showed the children hell. would you have preferred God told our Lady to show the kids purgatory, … More
Dr Bobus
rafferju. I would prefer homilies on Purgatory, where the Divine mercy and justice are both present.
Dr Bobus
BrTom.Saying the Holy Spirit agreeto work with the pope is too general. Infallibility is a negative protection--against formally contradicting doctrine. Beyond that I know of nothing that guarantees the pope is guided by the HS. In fact, we have evidence to the contrary
Jim Dorchak
How many Bishops are there on this globe? How many Cardinals?
Wow we now have less than 10 who have spoken up and stood up, or to channel the KofC, gotten up and stood on the CHAIR FOR CHRIST!
Sounds like we need new Catholic Bishops that are MEN.
brother Tom, I listened to some of your sermons there now, can you point me in the direction of one that mentions hell. Also a while back we had a disgraceful priest fr Flannigan cast doubt on the virginity of the BVM, can you point me to a sermon where you came to the defense of our mother the BVM, in the wake of this attack on our beloved mother, that made all the MSN in Ireland, which sows … More
BR tom
In Works of the Seraphic Father by R. Washbourne (1882) that bears the mark of an imprimatur, a prophecy by St. Francis is imparted to his spiritual children on his deathbed. I quote the relevant parts here:
Act bravely, my Brethren; take courage, and trust in the Lord. The time is fast approaching in which there will be great trials and afflictions; perplexities and dissensions, both … More
Dr Bobus I agree with one proviso. The Cardinals elect the Pope and the Holy Spirit agrees to work with the man they pick, saint or sinner. The alternative is that the Holy Spirit has picked some right clangers over the course of the Church's history!
rafferju When you quote St Francis please supply a reference! Many things are put on the Saint's lips. Please give us a source.
according to st Francis there will be a pope elected uncanonically, that pope will certainly not have been an election inspired by the Holy Spirit. One of the hardest chastisements of God, here on earth is when he allows us to have the leaders we ask for.
Lightning never strikes twice but it did when the pope Benedict "resigned", every time humble pope francis released doves of peace there were … More
Tragedy in the making, they have put their reputaion at stake. Where is real mercy for the souls by admonishing the sinner?
Dr Bobus
The Holy Spirit does not elect the Pope--Cardinals do. Catholics hope they have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, but it is wrong to assume they are.