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Sophisticated Lefeverist Smuggling Tunnel Found Under Vatican Walls

The largest cross-boarder Lefeverist smuggling tunnel to date was discovered in a midnight raid earlier today by Swiss Guards. The smugglers fled,
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@Reiss -You may or may not have noticed that all the comments regarding this satire from Eye of the Tiber misspell all references to the late … More
This story is so bizzare I don't know what is credible. Who are "undocumented Lefeverists?" I can't stop laughing!! Are these followers of the late … More
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The Incredible Shrinking Religious Order
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Dr Bobus
@God's Cowboy. The two men's orders most affected have been the Jesuits and the Christian Brothers. Once Latin was dropped as a seminary requirement,… More
We could probably see the same kind of decline in almost every religious order. Some of them declined years ago, so today's numbers wouldn't tell … More

Pilgrimage illustrates Catholicism's 'woman problem'

A group of eight pilgrims walked over 600 miles from Switzerland to Rome to support a "Church with women," not advocating female ordination, but …
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They are the same age of Pope Bergoglio and they will die (out) with him...
Dr Bobus
Those Swiss being in Rome reduces Novus Ordo mass attendance in Switzerland by about 20%.


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The author was my professor, the translator a good friend.

The Wanderer: La restauración de la cultura cristiana

Es la mejor noticia de 2016. ¡Gracias al traductor y gracias al editor!
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The Curate's Egg: A Reflection on Amoris Laetitia - Crisis Magazine

There was a Victorian member of the Royal Academy who boasted that his paintings were the best because they were the biggest. More perceptively, …
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Does God condemn anyone to hell?

1. First, note that the question is not whether there is anyone in hell. It is de fide that certain angels are there. Traditionally, the text from John's Apocalypse (12:4--its tail swept a third of …
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Most terrifying costum
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Edith Hamilton quote

"I came to the Greeks early," Hamilton told an interviewer when she was 91, "and I found answers in them. Greece's great men let all their acts turn on the immortality of the soul. We don't really …
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Oak Alley Plantation

The Grande Dame
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Dr Bobus
Trees over 300 years old

Del McCoury

Vincent Black Lightning
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In honor of Cardinal Marx and his fellow German bishops

Springtime for Hitler and Germany!
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Dr Bobus
Dr Stuart Reiss, Of course, it's in poor taste (as were the remarks of Cardinal Marx). It's called satire. It's from The Producers, written directe… More
Bravo, Gloria!
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Vatican restructuring

Pope Francis and the Curia
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Dr Bobus
The text: If you want to understand how Pope Francis is planning to change the Catholic church, then don’t waste time searching for clues in the … More
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padre geremia
Rorate Coeli should learn 2 B more precise & must not based their stupid arguments on hypotesis but on looking d fact 4 d record read the Osservatore… More