How Cardinal Dolan presents himself (February 6)

De Profundis 7
Cardinal Dolan postet himself this picture (civil clothes) on twitter on February 6 (click to enlarge), "I even had a nice birthday cake. There should have been 68 candles, not one, but the local … More
A cardinal is a priest first and foremost and his cassock and Roman Collar signify that he is a contradiction to the world. He almost looks like a cruise director very comfy in the atire.
Never mind, as a theologian you're just one year old.
Jim Dorchak
Yea there was an open FLAME in the restaurant but not the candle type!
You know I have to laugh because not only does he have no candles but by looking at the picture no one showed up for his party look like he the only one.
Mr laughing Cow gets no candles its ok Lucifer got a whole bunch waiting just for you.
Poor Cardinal Dolan. He pleases the world greatly and the powers that be in NY, but to God he gives only crumbs every now and then.
He's a layman! I knew it!

Now that's what I call coming out of the Closet