More Syncretism, “God is the God of life and love in all religions"

Barcelona cardinal visits hospital after tragedy: "No more attacks in the name of God"

“God is the God of life and love in all religions, especially in ours, in the Catholic world, where God dies to save man. The path of destruction is …
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Angie W.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
That was fabulous.....elephants are fabulous animals..very familial...wouldnt like amoris lettuce

The father of Charlottesville victim: “I just think about what the Lord said on the cross, ‘Forgive…

Here’s a message we all need to hear right now: After recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia involving white supremacy groups and counter-…
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Pope Benedict's Red Thread | Martin Mosebach

Whenever we have the good fortune to participate in a traditional Mass, we will have Pope Benedict XVI to thank.
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The SSPX and the Conversion of Rome to Tradition | FSSPX

In this article, Fr Paul Robinson considers whether a canonical recognition of the SSPX 'as is' would favour or hinder the restoration of Tradition. …
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Jim Dorchak
We used to pray for the conversion of Russia and the Popes intentions, Now we pray for the conversion of the Pope and Russia's intentions. I heard it here on GLORIA TV!

Did Jim Carrey Really Profess His Christian Faith?

“I believe that this room is filled with God,” Carrey said while addressing formerly gang-involved men and women at...
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NFL-Kicker Justin Tucker Singing Ave Maria & O Holy Night!

Catholic Charities held its 2016 Christmas Festival at the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Dec. 15. The evening featured beautiful performances by the Concert Artists of … 더보기
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I've added this to my Gloria.tv "Christmas" "album". Thank you @De Profundis! Sponsored by Catholic Charities... pray for their leaders… 더보기

Das überforderte Paar - Philosophie Magazin

Guter Sex, Erlebnisreichtum, emotionale Intimität: Ist die moderne Beziehung überfrachtet mit Erwartungen, die kaum zu erfüllen sind?
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Theresia Katharina
Ja, die Analyse stimmt: Die Paare sind überfordert, deswegen ist ja auch die Trennungs-und Scheidungsrate so hoch! Die Ursache ist aber der Glauben… 더보기
Ahaha... Ist das gute Katholische Text fuer Gloriatv?

Kardinal Christoph Schönborn vergleicht Medjugorje mit Lourdes

Nachfolgend die Grußbotschaft von Kardinal Christoph Schönborn von Wien zum Jugendfestival in Medjugorje 2017. „Liebe junge Freunde! Wieder habt ihr Euch in so großer Zahl in Medjugorje eingefunden. …
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Sehr geehrter Herr @pio moliaoni ! Natürlich drängt man die Leute, die dort hinpilgern, beichten zu gehen. Damit punktet man. Ich habe noch nie … 더보기
Maria lieben
@pio molaioni Erzbischof Hoser kam nach Medjugorje und er sah und er lebte dort mit und bei seiner Predigt hob er die Beichte hervor und er bezeugt:… 더보기

Francis in the streets of Rome

Posted today by Álvaro de Juana on Twitter.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
How nice....and humble....perhaps someone ought to show him the way to Fumicino airport and be kind enough to get a one way ticket to Buenos Aires?

National Trust volunteers banished to back room chores if they refuse to wear gay pride rainbow …

For nearly 40 years, the vibrant rainbow flag of the gay pride movement has come to represent diversity and tolerance.
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Francis calls synod to decide whether he is Pope

Pope Francis has decided, once and for all, to call an Extraordinary Synod on the Papacy, in order to decide whether he is legitimately the Pope. Is the Holy Spirit trying to hint something here?
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GJA Taylor
Fake news or what? Pope Francis is a very bad pope, we need to pray for his Pauline Conversion.
Dr Stuart Reiss
and my name is Claus........santa claus
With Pell, the rules of fair play are out the window. All the considerable sins of the Church have been laid at his feet in this hysterical media witch-hunt.

No Cookies | Daily Telegraph

To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue…
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Sarah Silverman

The media sported their real colors again today. The New York Times posted a web story saying, “The case will test the credibility of Francis’ efforts to foster greater accountability after abuse … 더보기
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Father Arturo Sosa SJ venerates the Buddha

476 × 319
Sosa is the Superior General of the Jesuits.
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smutná správa....generál jezuitov Artuto Sosa....... quo vadis SOSA?

UK Foreign Office agency says Evangelical Christians in the Global South should “reinterpret” the …

UK Foreign Office agency says Evangelical Christians in the Global South should “reinterpret” the Bible
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Shroud cannot be a painting

Shroud, new study: there is blood of a man tortured and killed

Published in a US scientific journal new findings by Cnr and University of Padua. Electron Microscopy to analyze a pristine fiber: found creatinine …
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