Pope John Paul II’s Mother Rejected Doctor’s Abortion Suggestion

Pope John Paul II’s Mother Rejected Doctor’s Abortion Suggestion
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Often, much good can come out of a bad thing, you know....
Dr Stuart Reiss
I wonder if we'd all be so whemently against this sort of thing, if a certain Argentine lady acquiesced - hypothetically of course!
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Russia’s Top Religious Official Sprays Holy Water on Computers to Fend Off Ransomware Virus

The Russian Orthodox Patriarch blessed government computers to protect them.
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Holy Cannoli
Dr Stuart Reiss the debris in the bottom is salt As you should know, salt dissolves in water. Scattered pieces of waste, scrap, or litter do not. Are you a real doctor or are just pretending to impress on
Dr Stuart Reiss
@Holy Cannoli the debris in the bottom is holy water fountains salt is added....ancient disinfectant....i dont dip my hand in fonts in … [More]
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Na, dass eine Spirale nicht abtreibend wirkt, das muss erst mal jemand beweisen. Das leuchtet mir nicht ein.
@unkownzh Klar ist es, ethisch-biologisxh gesprochen, weniger "schlimm" als das Töten (abtreibende Mittel) aber trotzdem, wie ich sagte, sehr "unangebracht". Glg
Viel zu wenig sprächen die Verbände vom Proprium der Kirche: von Jesus Christus. Für ihn geben sich die Verbände mit einer "Lightversion des Evangeliums" zufrieden. Im BDKJ-Positonspapier "Theologie der Verbände" etwa verkomme dieser "zu einer … [More]

Ein hitziger Antrittsbesuch -

Jugendbischof Oster meint, die katholischen Verbände verträten eine "Lightversion des Evangeliums".…
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Maybe people should not call names to each other thats not christian ,but teaching a false doctrine thats not christian either , and you can not … [More]
Catolicos Apostolicos
Arrogant apostate you forget St Paul 1 Corinthians 6:9 and Romans 1: 26 -32 AND FOR YOUR SCANDALS you are going to HELL AND IS … [More]

Hartford Archdiocese announces parish consolidations, church closings

The Field Hospital: The Hartford, Connecticut, archdiocese announced May 7 that 212 parishes will …
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A sinistra di Lutero. Un libro per capire meglio la Chiesa, le Chiese, e le Società in cui viviamo

Si commemorano questâanno, come certamente saprete, i 500 anni dagli eventi che portarono allo …
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Feature video: the REQUIEM -The Fraternity (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter)

Beautiful New Album- Links to Pre-Order:
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! "We all have an interior desire for happiness; we all have this desire that cannot be met by anything in this world." … [More]
Legitimation of an organization previously condemned by both the Vatican and the USCCCP

Bishop John Stowe leads prayer at LGBT Catholic gathering

Chicago -- "The flack has been enormous," since he accepted New Ways Ministry's invitation, the …
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Margareth melo
Catolicos Apostolicos
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The “Resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI: Now There Are Three Versions. Which One Should We Believe?

The “Resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI: Now There Are Three Versions. Which One Should We Believe? by Christopher A. Ferrara February 4, 2015 For the first time in the history of the Church a Pope has resigned while retaining the papal name, the …
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"The question that must be answered is whether the Pope even has the power to resign without entirely losing the Petrine office; that is, whether … [More]
Dieses Pontifikat produziert sich reproduzierende Termiten. Ein Epidemie-Gebiet ist der Malteserordern.

Das Malta-Fieber und "Couragine"

Fray Gerundio de Tormes hat für eine bittere medizinische Satire -mit spezieller …
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African gay man sat himself on fire

In Namibia, a gay man was taken to hospital. He has severe burns. The man set himself on fire because his boyfriend left him for a woman.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Its a case of......well done ?

Cardinal Văn Thuận Declared Venerable

Pope announces former Vietnamese Vatican Cardinal, who evangelised his prison guards so effectively…
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Hospital owned by Catholic nuns will commit abortions | News

The new National Maternity Hospital will perform any procedure 'in accordance with the laws' of …
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Shame ,shame ,shame .on these nuns
GJA Taylor
What a lovely ( not) bunch of pretend nuns they are.
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INDIA - Demolition of a Cross in Bandra

The Mumbai authorities authorized the destruction of the Christian religious symbol. The archbishop complains that the cross was on the wall of a private property. The owner of the property and ecclesiastical hierarchies had all the necessary … [More]
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Once more it shows that ecumunism,does not work because they dont believe in ONE GOD , and THE FATHER <THE SON AND THE HOLLY SPIRIT
Dr Stuart Reiss
Hindus are devil worshiping this is nothing new..Indians in india are horrendously racist...anything thats non Hindustani (like a … [More]

Islamic Call to prayer does not stop Francis' talking

April 29, 2017: While giving a sermon in Cairo, Egypt, Pope Francis is interrupted by the Islamic Muezzin's call to prayer of the nearby Al-Nour mosque. He briefly checks his watch as he carries on. The call of the Muezzin is difficult to hear in this video but begins around 0:17 and ends around 4:13.
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Wenn hier einmal ein Video gepostet wird, in dem Franziskus übers Wasser läuft wird bestimmt kommentiert: "nicht einmal schwimmen kann er".
Irgendwie hat er es nicht anders verdient. Da er die moslemische Religion so achtet, hätte er seine Rede eigentlich unterbrechen müssen, bis der Muezzin fertig ist.

Ex Gay Porn Star Becomes a Christian- Joseph Sciambra's Testimony

This testimony is not for young ears...Adults only! Joseph Sciambra barely escaped the San Francisco porn scene with his life. This is the unbelievable story of his descent into hell after getting hooked on porn as a kid. Only one Person could … [More]
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Die Jugendfusswallfahrt 2017

mit Bischof Stefan Oster
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Ein erfreulicher und gelungener Abschluss einer Jugendfußwallfahrt nach Altötting. Hoffentlich behalten viele junge Leute dieses Ereignis in Erinneru… [More]
@Sascha2801 - Genau!! die Priesterbruderschaft muss unter einem Pavillon zelebrieren - und das geht auch nur deshalb, weil es auf städischem Boden … [More]