Resistance Against PiusX "Vaccine" Stances Forms

Catholics who question the PiusX general house's rather positive assessment on Covid-19 "vaccines" receive considerable support.

An updated list of signees includes 93 names (English and German. All of them hold PiusX in esteem.

The initiative began in Austria and is supported in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Britain, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and especially the USA where PiusX is particularly strong.

The initiative’s main argument is the mendacious Covid-vaccine propaganda, and the political pressure by anti-Christian forces to force getting "vaccinated."

The signees say that PiusX, although it may defend the "vaccines" with correct moral syllogisms, is nevertheless “working into the hands of the powers that use the COVID plague for their purposes.”

Picture: © The Focal Project, CC BY-NC, #newsYuerxtjygd

atreverse pensar
They are cowards. They have no principles either.
Martine Bernadette Giambertone shares this
Martine Bernadette Giambertone
Canadians are just too weak, they form freedom groups and sell merchandise...they are not equiped to lead a revolution!
@Martine Bernadette
"...they are not equiped to lead a revolution!"

I wonder what revolution you desire.
chris griffin
"Public magistrates have no direct power over the bodies of their subjects; therefore, where no crime has taken place and there is no cause present for grave punishment, they can never directly harm, or tamper with the integrity of the body, either for the reasons of eugenics or for any other reason." Casti Connubii, 70, Pope Pius XI
Rand Miller
The SSPX used to be absolutely opposed to abortion tainted vaccines. (Fr. Peter Scott in an Angelus magazine article. Sorry I don't know the date.)
One cannot take a life to save a life.