rogelio ernesto
Si lo hacen con militares, que no harán con la gente común
Hugh N. Cry
USA, as a whole, has allowed the leftists to hijack the country. May Christ, the Divine Physician, heal us!
Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us.

Sad, looks like Cincinnati as well. Seems worse when Dems are in control. Maybe bc such more Evil is going on…. I give a blessed Miraculous medal to each, in every corner who are panhandling. Mary, take over. Amen.
adeste fideles
tristemente es real se trata de adictos a drogas.
Parece que alguien está experimentando con esta gente ....seems somebody its experimenting with this people
chris griffin
I live outside of town so I would have never known how bad it is in the cities. Thanks for posting.