Elderly Belgian Woman Wants to Become 'Deacon', Sues Church

Veer Dusauchoit, 62, is suing the Church in Belgium for "discrimination" because she cannot become a deacon.

Dusauchoit has worked for 30 years in the parish of Herent, near Leuven, in Flemish Brabant, where she presides over funerals and liturgies of the word. The parish has no priest.

She tried to enrol in a four-year course to become a deacon, but was turned down, and sees this rejection as "gender discrimination".

"I am indeed angry, but I am also determined," she told Belgian state broadcaster Rtbf.be (14 May) which is known for its anti-Church stances.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels defended the decision: "At the moment (sic) only men can be ordained deacons. So there's no point in doing the formation, because the finality of becoming one is impossible".

The spokesman added: "The Belgian bishops are in favour of [invalid] women deacons."

The court in Mechelen has one month to make a decision.

The current Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Luc Terlinden, 55, is a strong opponent of the Catholic faith.

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Cc Ss
Someone put her up to it
James Manning
Maybe I should sue Big Sugar because I don't have six pack abs.
English Catholic
Na. Just stop eating takeaways 😉
English Catholic
I want to become a multi-billionaire. Tough luck. It ain't gonna happen. We just have to put up with where the good Lord places us in this life.
Father Karl A Claver
Men and women have different functions in the Church. This lady had no business taking over so many tasks at her parish. It makes her feel she is intitled to being a deacon It will NEVER happen. She does NOT love God.
Opera 369
These women... (why deaconess..?) She can't find a different vocation? It surely isn't to "serve-love the Lord" ! Must be just the 'fever of entitlement'...just because society/church is so messed up!
John A Cassani
“At the moment” it is impossible. At this point, I think we can say that Nuchurch “deaconesses” are a “done deal.”